Welcome to Salmon For Dinner: A Newsletter By Wallace Morgan

Writing, in its various forms, is central to my creative process and my coping mechanism for being human. For years, I’ve wanted to publish a series of personal essays, and have finally worked up the courage.

Salmon For Dinner will explore my inner world and my journey as a developing artist and evolving human being. It will be place to share my ongoing experience with non linear healing and growth and aims to create community with those who resonate.

What To Expect: Mostly personal essays, occasional social commentary, sporadic poetry, and new music (official releases and in-progress ditties).


Wallace Morgan is a multidisciplinary artist, singer-songwriter, and freelance writer living in Los Angeles. Wallace is currently writing, releasing and performing music, is the author of NOISE DAO’s weekly newsletter HIGH FREQUENCY, and writes on a freelance basis in addition to authoring her personal newsletter, Salmon For Dinner.

Over the course of her career, Wallace has worked as a journalist, publicist, and music manager (Rolling Stone, Republic Records, MOXI MANAGEMENT, and Mint Music Group), has authored various blogs, and has published an online magazine from 2017-2019 (MOXI MAG).  

Born and raised in Tennessee, Wallace received a BA in Journalism and Music Business at the University of Georgia, spent her early twenties in New York City, and now lives in Los Angeles with her partner (Matt), their two kitties (Flea & Phoebe), and their pittie mix puppy (Binny).  

A 90’s baby, the youngest of three, and the proverbial “free spirit” of the family, Wallace describes herself as a deep feeler and chronic over-thinker who is insatiably curious, often discontented, and endlessly fascinated by the brutal, beautiful and bizarre experience of life.

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(she/her) artist, writer. author of salmon for dinner & high frequency. must love cats.